Conservation Banking | CEQA Mitigation | Endowments 

Grid has expertise in a wide range of conservation issues. Whether you're setting up an endowment to preserve land, recording an easement, or grappling with CEQA mitigation or conservation banking requirements, Grid can help.

Regardless if conservation was required as part of mitigation or by choice to preserve land or habitat for future generations, it is always important that easements, maintenance agreements, funding agreements, and all those other documents are drafted accurately to protect both the habitat and your interests. 

Grid has expertise advising on a wide range of land and habitat conservation efforts, including:

  • Mitigation measures as required by the CEQA process.
  • Advising  on the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the County of San Diego’s Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP).
  • Preparation of documents and agreements to ensure maintenance and perpetual funding for conservation land.
  • Non-profit formation.
  • Advising on the acquisition and sale of biological open space and open space easements, including mitigation banking.
  • Establishment of agricultural preserves and contracts under the Williamson Act.

Contact Grid today to discuss how we can help you manage the web of local, state, and federal laws around your conservation effort.